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Simulates having underwater creatures on your computer

Simulates having underwater creatures on your computer

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Program license: Free

Program by: ScreenSaverFX

Version: 2.5

Works under: Windows


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The Fantastic 3D Fish Aquarium Screensaver turns your monitor into an active fish tank full of realistic sound and movement.

Installing the Fantastic 3D Fish Aquarium Screensaver gives your computer everything it needs to become a customizable aquarium when it is not in use. You can watch fish swim throughout the 3-D aquarium space in a realistic way that takes up the entire virtual monitor cube. With backgrounds, you can change out easily and a set of sounds that mimics a true aquarium, the Fantastic 3D Fish Aquarium creates a look that is as realistic as you want it to be.

The aquarium lets you move through your own photographs and background images in order to set up either a realistic aquarium backing or a showcase for an image you like. The 3-D water and fish look realistic and peaceful, especially when the natural aquarium sounds are enabled. The fish move through the aquarium setting using all three dimensions, which is a refreshing step up from most aquarium screensavers.

The Fantastic 3D Fish Aquarium Screensaver offers a lifelike aquarium setting that can be used to go with any image you choose. The natural movements of the fish and the realistic water combine to make this screensaver a realistic-looking aquarium that anyone who wants a peaceful but interesting desktop background will appreciate. Anyone looking for a high-quality screensaver that features a realistic aquarium will appreciate the well-put-together package presented by the Fantastic 3D Fish Aquarium Screensaver.


  • Uses the backgrounds and pictures you choose.
  • Makes realistic aquarium sounds.
  • Fish swim in the entire 3-D space.


  • The tank is less realistic with alternative background images.
  • Sometimes the sound can be distracting.
  • Only includes the original three fish.